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She-Ra And The Princess Of Power: Season 5! What We Expect From The Final Season? Everything To Know

She-Ra and Princess of Power is an original Netflix cartoon series based on characters from The Master of the Universe.

Noelle Stevenson has become an incredibly popular original developed by She-Ra and the Princess of Power. Upon its release, the series received criticism from some fans for a complete change in character design. Finally, the old and the new begin to fall in love with She-Ra.

She-Ra and Princess of Power Season 5 Netflix Renewal Status and Release Date

Netflix official renewal status for the final season 03/17/2019

In March 2024, we finally learned that She-Ra will be back, but sadly for the final season. Speaking to the Netflix What’s Next account, the producers of the show said, “I feel very lucky because we knew from the beginning what the order of our episodes was, so we had to record the story very specifically, by the time the show was about to happen. ”

What to expect from season 5?

Heavy spoilers are recommended for Season 4!

Etheria’s future

Antheria is no longer safe from Horde Prime’s army because she was expelled from Despandos. With Atheria now in the same realm, there is a chance of a crossover with the Masters of the Universe characters.


After using her sword to stop Light Hope, Adora’s weapon breaks and her powers disappear with it. It has a blade edge to potentially reproduce the weapon. Adora has used the sword throughout the series to turn it into She-Ra, we can defeat a possible Thor: Ragnarok story in which Adora realizes that power has always been with her, she just had to solve it.

Until then, Adora has no means to transform, therefore she will have to rely on her power and intelligence to save her friends and the universe.

Horde prime

Horde Prime eliminated Glimmer and potentially destroyed Etheria. If it hadn’t been destroyed by Ketra, Glimmer, and Etheria.

Having made Horde Prime meet Shakti Etheria as an Ether, he has decided to separate Glimmer and the planet for now. Catra and Glimmer have to keep their differences separate if they have to work together to defeat Horde Prime from within.

For Hordak, the clone is sent by Horde Prime to be “claimed”. If we assume that Hordak acquires a personality, then Hordak can become a drug addict only for his brother. There may be redemption waiting for Hordak, but it will be a great task to bring the evil clone to light.

The season finale is selected to be released on Netflix in May 2024

Noelle Stevenson, the creator, and sharpener of the series, already discussed the future of the series with Animation magazine in 2018. In the interview, Noelle Stevenson discussed the episodes and numbers she had planned for the series.

When I first launched the show, I approached it like it was a season, but now we have four 13-episode arcs. He had ideas for a larger overall plan for the show. First I created a vision board, drawing inspiration from various sources. It was great for brainstorming and went into great detail with this rich world. Get lots of ideas and throw everything on the wall and see what sticks.

Will She-Ra meet He-Man?

During a discussion at New York Comic-Con, Noel Stevenson said of a possible crossover:

No, I would love to do a special Christmas crossover. I am sure it will be a completely powerful style and ours will be a sweeter style. I’d just like to bring those two styles together and celebrate them with Christmas and teach them the power of love as they perform. But as of now, I have not been contacted for this.

Sadly, it might not open like a crossover with He-Man. This is not surprising since Kevin Smith is still working on a reboot of the series. Not to mention, the animation for the new He-Man series Masters of the Universe: Revelations, like anime, will vary greatly.

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