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Sex Education: Was The Voice Mail Deleted? Here’s What We Think Of The Complicated Ending Of Season 2

The second season of Sex Education premiered on Netflix on 17 January 2024. Fans are happy with season 2 of the show and somewhat irritated by the ending of season 2 of the show. We were able to see another drama of the Otis and Maeve, Eric love triangle, and other interesting stories. But fans were mostly irritated by the last part of the final episode of season 2.

Isaac Delete Otis Message

In season 2 of the show, Maeve admits her feeling to Otis when he was in a relationship with Ola before he viciously turned her down.

This finished in the final season of season 2 as Otis left her a voicemail saying her that he loved Maeve.

However, Otis then turned up to Maeve’s home when she was not there before asking Isaac to tell Maeve to check her messages.

Instead of saying that to Maeve, Isaac deleted his messages on Maeve’s phone meaning their relationship troubles are sure to carry in season 3 of the show. This made fans angry with Isaac deleting the message. It will be very interesting to see in season 3 how Otis and Maeve relation came to and what Isaac will do. One of the exciting stories of season 2 is about Eric relation with Adam and Rahim.

Eric’s love triangle

The show was also interrupted by Adam who fans had been seeing the struggle with his sexuality throughout the show.

This was especially heightened when Adam returned from military school and notice Eric in a relationship with new student Rahim.

Therefore, it was particularly notable in the final episode of the show when he took to the stage in front of his peers to declare his feelings for Eric.

Eric determined to hold his hand in the great moment as Adam accepted his sexuality.

But, this left Rahim, Eric’s boyfriend, heartbroken as he left the auditorium in tears.

Season 3 will be exciting to see the relation of Otis and Maeve as well as Eric relationship with Adam and Eric.

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