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Selling Sunset: Chrishell Stause Shared New Details For Season 4 Of Reality Series

Netflix has yet to confirm whether “Selling Sunset” will be renewed, but the show’s explosive popularity has led fans to believe it will only be until the eight-episode installment is announced.

Additionally, from the divorce of Chrishell Stodge and Justin Hartley to the ongoing feud between the Oppenheim group’s agents, the third season has many cliffhangers that viewers are desperate to see.

Selling Beautiful Sunset explores high-rise residential properties in beautiful Los Angeles. The properties are marketed under the name of the brokerage firm, which is the real estate property of Oppenheim Group. Oppenheim Group’s elite brokers clearly sell their Lucky Lives to any prosperous buyer in Los Angeles. The show is also filled with relationship, love, and divorce drama.

The expected release date of Selling Sunset season 4:

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to confirm the sale of the fourth season of Sunset.

However, with all the drama in season three, we suspect the team is missing stories for season two. The first season of Sailing Sunset kicked off in March 2019, introducing viewers to the super-glamorous world of real estate and million-dollar homes in the Hollywood Hills.

Selling Sunset Season 4 : Release Date, Plot, Cast And Coming To Netflix? -

The second season dropped a year later, in May 2024, while the third came shortly thereafter in August. However, according to Jason Oppenheim, the COVID-19 epidemic that has brought the television and film industry to its knees will not be a problem for artists Selling Sunset.

The expected storyline of the Selling Sunset season 4:

Of course, there is no official trailer yet, but we do have some good predictions.

During the show, there were many references to Heather’s strong relationship with her boyfriend Tarek El Moussa, and when she captured Christine’s bouquet at her wedding, there is a great deal of arrogance that we will see up close in her new engagement.

Since we’ve seen Mary’s wedding in season 2 and Christine’s in season 3, there’s no reason why Heather shouldn’t be a big plot point next season.

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