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Selena Gomez’s New Album ‘Rare’ Is Out And Fans Are Loving It

Selena Gomez finally dropped her anticipated Rare album. The Rare collection is the third pop solo album by Selena Gomez. The fans of the Bad Liar singer love Selena Gomez’s new album and make their love known, as the Rare album is currently online.

Selena Gomez has been in the headlines about her personal life for the last few years. Selena Gomez revealed in an interview said that she should release the Rare album long ago, but her mental health problems and personal problems did not allow her to.

Now she finally caught up on Twitter and revealed she had finally released her third pop solo album Rare. She said she hoped her fans would love it and also thanked those who worked with her on the album.

Selena Gomez had already released two songs before the Rare album was released. Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now, both were released in September 2019 after her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin.

Both these songs record the on-and-off relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin.

List Of Song’s In Selena Gomez’s Rare Album

#1. Rare

The title song is about how amazing you are, and it’s time to say goodbye if somebody doesn’t know that. This might, of course, be about Justin not treating Selena as she wished she deserved.

The reference to Justin’s hit song “Baby,” of course, could be a hint to who Selena sings about.

One of the reasons why Selena and Justin did not work out could have been this. Perhaps she felt he didn’t prioritize her. They both have hectic lives, and he might have ignored her for his work.

#2. Dance Again

This cheerful track demonstrates how wonderful Selena now feels her relationship with Justin.

Now that she and Justin are finished, the drama is over.

#3. Look At Her Now

The track starts with the line, that could well refer to the fact that it was rumored Selena and Justin began to date in the summer of 2010.

Such lyrics may be references to Selena and Justin, who challenged each other during the rise of Justin’s stardom. Justin revealed in an Instagram post last year, disclosing that at 19, he was using narcotics and that he did not treat women well.

Such fights with which Justin had been struggling at such a young age, partly due to his success, undoubtedly put a significant strain on the relationship. Justin and Selena both seem to blame “his new life” for the problems they face.

While Selena may have suffered from her relationship with Justin, a line indicates that a silver lining remains. She grew out of suffering, which helped her to become today’s woman.

#4. Lose You To Love Me

The lyrics are kind of heartbreaking, and many fans say that they show that Justin didn’t treat Selena well, but she still stayed with him.

It seems in this chorus that Selena says she could cure when she finished with Justin because she could focus on herself at last. Selena recently opened up a lot about her mental health journey, and after years of struggle, she finally feels better.

#5. Vulnerable

Many fans believe that Selena’s other ex, The Weeknd, could be this song. We discuss the vulnerability you will embrace when you enter into a relationship and give someone your heart and the risk of painful consequences.

However, there is a line that makes it appear that the lyrics are about Justin.

#6. People, You Know

It’s a sad song about people you know how to become strangers. People agree that it’s all about Justin and how he changed so much when he became very popular, right before Selena’s eyes.

#7. Kinda Crazy

As we know, while things were going very well for some time between Selena and Justin, they finally got sour.

#8. Cut You Off

It is the song that you will blast in your bedroom the next time you’ll have a heartbreak. Most of the lyrics are quite generic, except for a specific indication.

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