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Salma Hayek: Is The Actress Pregnant?

Here is what we know about Salma Hayek sharing her pregnancy pictures on Instagram!

Well, well, well, as of right now, we all have the actress Salma Hayek who is probably wondering where did all the time go. Salma is 54 years in age right now and she went on to post a throwback picture of herself on Instagram back on Sunday.

In that post, she went on to show her curves off from the time she was very pregnant with her now daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault who was born back in 2007. Salma went on to marry a French Billionaire, that is, François Henri Pinault in 2009 celebrated her daughter’s birthday back in 2009.

Salma Hayek shared these pictures for her daughter’s thirteenth birthday that was yesterday!

Salma captioned the picture saying that the tiny baby which formed inside of her womb has now officially become a teenager. She then exclaimed at the fact of how babies grow so fast. In the picture, we can see Salma baring her pregnant stomach while she is covering her chest with her hands.

It was just a few days ago that Hayek had some good responses on her pictures when she posted other revealing shots. But as you guys all know her, these ones had a twist. The first post she made was two bikini pictures from her European bathing suit campaign meant for H&M back in 1999. We can all see her gazing longingly at the camera while being dressed in a brown bikini during a sultry campaign.

Is Salma Hayek pregnant right now?

So now the question which the majority of the fans are having about her is that “Is Salma Hayek pregnant again?” Well, in order to enlighten you, I must tell that Salma is not pregnant right now, she just shared a bunch of pictures from the time she was young and pregnant.

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