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Saint Maud: A New Release Date Announced For The Upcoming Horror Movie

Here is what we know about a new film called Saint Maud arriving in the theatres really soon!

We all know how exciting watching a film that excels in the horror genre is. Obviously, it is even more impressive if the task is done in a theatre alongside a lot of people, and then we can hear each and everyone’s reaction to the tale.

But right now, as all the people living on the planet Earth know that the whole world has scenarios of health crisis and a pandemic which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus has taken over. And this is the sole reason as to why people are more afraid by the release date of Saint Maud rather than the film itself. A24 has scheduled Saint Maud to release in the theatres on July 17 2024.

People are excited for Saint Maud coming in theatres but at the same time scared because of the COVID 19 crisis!

Obviously, the fans are so anticipated for Saint Maud to come out this early. Everything that has been displayed about Rose Glass and her vision ensures the fans a brand new and an honorable horror powerhouse from A24. Well, even if the studios are releasing the film in July, actually going to the place seems a bit dangerous, right?

Well, this fact does not seem to affect the creators as they are legitimately opening everything related to movies, and all this while, Christopher Nolan has stuck to a July 31 release date for his film Tenet.

Saint Maud has let out its trailer for all the fans to watch, and here it is linked down below!