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Russia Could Have Their Own ‘Eleven’ In Stranger Things Season 4

Season 3 ended with the most surprising cliffhangers— an ending. Stranger Things Joyce Byers packed up his children, Hopper’s now orphaned daughter of an adopted and left Hawkins for good after three years of bizarre stuff for her family and the death of another person that she loved. She could do the utmost in the case. But the crowd still rubbed their heads. If half of the main cast has moved to another city, what happens in Season 4? The newest Stranger Things comic could react.

Fans Of Stranger Things

For most fans, it might seem like a trend, if one of the tie-in merchandise spawned by the popular franchise contains clues for the new season. But the show did before. Between Seasons 2 and 3, the show released an accompanying book, Stranger Things: World Upside Down: The Definitive Behind-The-Scenes Guide, behind the scenes. Hidden inside was the morse code that translated Robin deciphers into Season 3’s “Silver Cat” message.

Since then, hardcore fans have been pushing through every release in the series to find out something. With the full suspense of Season 4, anything is probable. Yet Stranger Things: Six has a doozy suggestion in the new comic miniseries.

Story In Comics

The comic is a side story, one would expect, a new story with another powerful kid, Dr. Brenner, raised in the Hawkins lab, Six. The comic book contains several subjects, including a girl by the name of Francine, who is old enough to recognize her real name and surprised to see that “Eleven” calls Brenner “Papa.” But Russian scientists in the post-credit scene refer to an “American” they have found. This is probably Hopper, pulled from their side of the world out of the other dimension. What viewers could not do is how Hopper escapes Russia and returns to Eleven in her new town.

This is “not the only program in the world,” Brenner says, “the fans are pricking their ears. When Hopper is in a Russian lab where children like Eleven are taught to do what she does, the pieces suddenly come in.

This is based even better on real history. The experiments on Eleven are based on the MKUltra project, which took place between 1953 and 1967. Nevertheless, the whole reason for the introduction of Project MKUltra was to combat the Soviet psyops ‘ programs. It’s reasonable then, there’s another little girl with unbelievable powers somewhere else in the world, just like Eleven.

What Happened In Stranger Things Season 3?

Stranger Things season 3 revealed that the Russians were working in an underground facility in Hawkins, and the mid-credits scene in the final season shows they are living on the other side of the world. So, what about all these experiments? Stranger Things Season 4 has a lot to answer, and everything about the Russians and their plans is at the top of the list just behind Hopper’s destiny and survival.

Hopper also sacrifice himself when it came time to close the doors, Hopper even sacrificed himself (although he may be still alive, somewhere), and Eleven lost her powers. Yet the most significant revelation was that the Russians were not only working in the Starcourt Mall but also at a Kamchatka base.

The mid-credit scenario was short but gave some vital clues as to what the Russians are about, making way for several theories. Stranger Things in season 4 might not happen soon as viewers want to, and there will have to be realistic solutions to Russian experimentation–but when we look back in season 3, there are a couple of hints to give an idea of what the Russians did and what they could do in the upcoming season.

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