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Rogue Trip Season 1 On Disney Plus- Crucial Details

Bob Woodruff and his Mack are going on a vacation together. But this vacation no regular family vacation. The father-son duo is going on a globetrotting adventure.

Bob Woodruff is an ABC News correspondent who has previously covered dangerous conflicts around the world. But he retired from the field after he suffered from a traumatic brain injury in an explosion in Iraq.

What Is The Premise Of Rouge Trip?

Rouge Trip is a six-episode series coming on Disney+. In the series, Bob and his son will travel to six countries. They will be going to Colombia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, and Ukraine. These countries have been in the news for various reasons like political unrest, drug trafficking, and terrorist activities. Bob has previously visited these countries to cover the conflicts happening there. Through the series, Bob and his son will try to show the viewers the other side of these countries. Some of these nations have recently emerged as popular tourist destinations.