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Rocket League: When It Will Be Available For Free On Epic Games Store?

Multiplayer games are telling a different story to the users and having much impact than RPG and storyline based games. It’s because of the level of competition among aspirants and professionals. Rocket League was implemented on a different idea, which no one could have imagined. Soccer with cars, it seems a little bit awkward, but still, the game has a huge fan following and a large fanbase.

Rocket League- Store Switch

Recently Psyonx recently confirmed that Rocket League is going free to play on PC, but it will only be available on Epic Games Store. So it simply means that the game won’t be available on steam and will be delisted soon.


So those who already have the game on steam will tend to use the feature of Cross-Platform. So from now on, users of PS4, Xbox One, and PC can play together. Even Cross-platform will be preserved for Epic Stores and Steam stores, so there is no type of discrimination in any platform.