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Riverdale Season 5: What Is Known About The Time Jump

Producer and Executive Producer Roberto Aguirre-Saicasa has confirmed the news to ET and is giving details on how many years we can fast forward and when the fifth season of the CW drama could have a major timeline shakeup. it is. ET on the phone reported last week: “When we return in season 5, we have a great mystery to unravel and many things to unravel the relationship.”

The Time Jump Of Season 5

The fourth season of Riverdale came out early last week when production related to Coronauras ceased, and many fans wondered what Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica and the rest of our great gang are doing after the rest of the big episode, now. the season 5 premiere. It serves as

Riverdale' season 5 time jump: Everything you need to know – Film Daily

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It is definitely something we are still talking about, Aguirre-Saikasa revealed. You know, all the writers were coming together through Zoom and one thing we decided was that instead of a time jump between seasons 4 and 5, we thought things like prom and prom are important. Afterward, pass four. With these characters in high school, you don’t want that, so the first three episodes are kind of an address.

Other Details To Know

“And then the time jumps usually happen between seasons, but this is an extraordinary year and these are exceptional circumstances,” Aguirre-Saikasa continued. So, we are trying to figure out if we are skipping time, how soon we can do it, and you know, my instinct is to finish the Season 4 stories ASAP. It happens quickly.

Aguirre-Saikasa is excited to use this new timeline as an opportunity to revolutionize the Archie Comics-inspired series we’ve known and loved for the past four seasons, as well as one to highlight fans. Deliver exciting new secrets. And you know, they look the same. They’re divided by – some go to the university and others skip the university and pick it up from the other side. And, you know, the high school for me was better than college, he said.

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