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Riverdale Season 5: The CW Finally Begins The Shooting For New Season

In January, the CW confirmed the airing of the fifth season of Riverdale, the show is based on Archie Comics, which was in the limelight.  The show was scheduled to air this October but due to the pandemic situation, the project was delayed.

Riverdale Season 5: The CW Began The Production Of The Show

The pre-production was started in August 2024, the creator and showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa confirmed in September that shooting of the new season will be starting, by posing a photograph of himself and Riverdale cast members.

Another post of him proved the airing featuring KJ Apa in character as series protagonist Archie, apparently standing in a steam room and he also quoted “first scene…of season five”. Season 4 of the show didn’t give us any closure but Riverdale Season 5 will take place with some changes and some new theories.

Rather than turning into its collage years, the show is opting to move forward where they all have finished their studies. Instead, we will likely see Bughead and Varchie navigating their lives in their twenties, which added to a little excitement to the viewers of the series.

Riverdale' Season 5 adds two female roles to the show -
Source: TVserieswelove

Riverdale Season 5: Controversies Of The Show

In February 2024, a source reported that the two key characters would be leaving the show, while they might appear at the start of the season 5, Jughead’s dad, FP, played by Skeet Ulrich, and Veronica’s mom, Hermione, played by Marisol Nichols, are both set to depart.

Riverdale Season 5: What We Can Expect From The Show?

Riverdale Season 4 was uncompleted due to the pandemic, three episodes were not released, but Season 5 will give all answers to our questions. The wait was a long one but was worth waiting.

A CW schedule announced this past May that some couples will be breaking up in their senior season. A source reported that there will be a time jump in the plot of the Riverdale Season 5.

While Riverdale may have more in common with teen dramas like Pretty Little Liars, the popular Netflix drama could soon draw comparisons with the likes of Games of Thrones following suggestions that its main character could be killed off in the upcoming season five.

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