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Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2: Who Is In The Cast? Release Date Plus More Updates

One of the most famous Japanese series is ready to launch the second new season of its franchise; Yes, we are talking about Rising of the Shield season 2. Here are the latest updates on the release date, what the cast will be, and more about The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 show.

The novel series for the franchise was adapted to the Japanese manga by Aiya Kyu and published on the online platform.


The franchise story is told about a young man, Naofumi Iwatani, who was called to a parallel universe; He was accompanied by three other men, who were from a parallel universe, embarking on a journey to become the planetary Cardinal Hero; For that, they have to defend the monsters and the waves on their way.

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Expected release date:

The first season of the franchise aired in 2019! Yes, as expected, the series created a boom across the entire Japanese anime industry.

It garnered positive reviews and also a large fan base; With this, the demand for the second season also increases.

Then we have good news for you! With popularity, the show has already been approved for two future seasons.

According to sources, the release date for the second season of The Shield Hero will be announced soon; So far, all ads have been stopped due to the global epidemic.

But, if we go with the hipsters, the release date of The Shield Hero Season 2 is expected to be in May 2024.

We will keep you updated as soon as we receive more new updates in the future. Until then, stay in the pop culture times.

The cast of the series

Most of the original cast from last season return for the show; Favorite actors like Kaito Ishivawa like Naofumi, Raptalia like Asami Seto, Malti like Sara Imee Bridgecut, LAAKE like Jun Fukuyama will be included in the list of emerging members of The Shield Hero Season 2.

With them, we could see some new faces that are also appearing for the show! However, it would be better to wait for official confirmation.

But, if we consider the novel from which the series is adapted, it is found that there are more than 25 volumes for the entire franchise.

With this, it is not easy to speculate on the plot, but of course, we can expect the plot to include good twists and turns.

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