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Rihanna Kept Her Relationship With Travis Scott A Secret! But Why?

Rapper Travis Scott is in a happy place with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and Kylie Cosmetics owner Kylie Jenner. Together they have a two-year-old daughter named Stormi. But it is being reported that before meeting Kylie, Travis was in a relationship with the world-famous singer Rihanna.

Travis Scott And Rihanna?

It is being said that before Travis started dating Kylie Jenner he was in a relationship with Rihanna. The relationship was a brief affair. The two dated each other for a short period of time back in 2015. The relationship between RiRi and Scott was kept under wraps by them. The love between the two fizzled out quickly and the two parted ways.

Rihanna was 'embarrassed' about dating Travis Scott | Metro News


Who Spilled The Beans And Revealed About Them?

The news of Rihanna and Travis Scott’s relationship was made public by Lawrence Schlossman. Lawrence Schlossman is a writer and he co-hosts a podcast Throwing Fits. Schlossman had spilled the beans on Travis and Rihanna’s tight-lipped relationship. He had written about this relationship back in 2015. Lawrence and Scott are not in talking terms ever since Lawrence wrote about Scott and Rihanna’s relationship.

But Why Did Rihanna Hide Her Relationship?

No one until recently knew about Scott’s and Rihanna’s brief affair. The relationship was a well-guarded secret. Lawrence spoke about Rihanna and Scott’s relationship in a podcast he hosted recently. He revealed that Rihanna was embarrassed about her relationship and did not want the world to know about it. He said that Travis was fine with his relationship being made public. But Rihanna did not want the world to know about her affair.

Why Rihanna and Travis Scott Stopped Seeing Each Other


There Were Rumors Of Their Relationship

Travis had collaborated with Rihanna for a song. Sparks flew between them and two started dating each other. Both of them were seen hanging out in New York City. There were even rumors of some PDA. But both Travis or Rihanna never confirmed that they were in a relationship.

Travis Moved On

In 2017, Travis Scott met Kylie Jenner and two fell in love. They had a baby girl together in 2018. The couple recently broke up. But the ex-couple have a cordial relationship between themselves. Travis and Kylie are co-parenting their two-year-old daughter Stormi together.

What Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's Relationship Is Like During ...


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