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Reginald Hudlin Revealed A Static Shock Film In The Works At DC FanDome

Well, the static shock movie works formally. This weekend’s huge DC FanDome appeared here as part of the occasion, which will surprise DC with all the information and all the problems. Filmmaker Reginald Hudlin participated in an impact panel on Milestone Media, a DC print dedicated to African African voices.

Reginald Hudlin Revealed A Static Shock Film In the works?

During the DC Fandom panel, Reginald Hudlin, who directed the films for House Party and Boomerang. No additional details were revealed at this time. Here’s what Hudlin should have said about it. One of those people who are really very specific, we really want to join the name of the company, UPI List. When we find out that JIM is reviewing the MILESTONE line, we’ll see it all, we should all get a comic book and the hit untitled series.

Static Shock Live-Action Movie Officially Announced at DC FanDome ...


It is time to go back to all the places and some are different. It will be a physical feature film. As part of it, many of the characters associated with the label can be developed in a variety of mediums outside of comics.

Other updates?

Therefore, We’re also looking at Warner for Variety, various other guys from Warner. They’re making hugely advanced movies for home entertainment. And we can see the viewers of the Inviting gathering, getting information on one of these. functions. We also monitor new media, we prefer podcasts and a number of stores that are not available in podcasts.

Static Shock was produced by Dwayne McDuffie, Dennis Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek T. Dingle did it gained additional recognition within the mainstream due to the static shock animated sequence, which began in 2000. Aired on Kids WB, the sequence ran for 4 seasons and 52 episodes. He mocked Martin Scorssey’s ability to play the role within the film when he was worried. As for various Static Shock initiatives, the character will return in a digital comedian guide sequence, scheduled to arrive in February 2024. We should definitely keep him as a bonus, respectively.

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