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Red Dead Redemption 3: Possibilities And Expected Release Date

Red Dead Redemption regarded as the best PS exclusive franchise and the sequel version adapted into PC later. So now the time has come that a PS exclusive could no longer be an exclusive as publisher tried to widen the platforms. Same with Horizon Zero Dawn as the initial edition will be on PC sooner as the game is in the pre-order phase.

But we are talking about Red Dead Redemption as the game eventually going to have its third part. However, it’s just a speculation, but still, we can count on another edition in upcoming years.

Red Dead Redemption 3

Red Dead Redemption has two editions, and they both were a massive hit in terms of gameplay and revenue. But the main concern is about the next edition and its possibilities. However, we can’t rule out the possibility of its next edition, and it could happen after completing the projects like GTA 6 and many other which Rockstar games is currently working on. Even Rockstar Games asserted that there are some possibilities of another edition of the franchise.

The franchise is getting more popular after its adaptation to PC as the platform users desperately want the game to be on their systems. They got their wish granted and liked the game so far, and thus, the positive response could lead to the sequel of the game.

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How Red Dead Redemption 3 Could Look Like?

If we are talking about the timelines, then another version of Red Dead Redemption could be much modern than previous versions. If a sequel is made, then it could be based on the lives of the 1970s and pretty similar to Grand Theft Auto’s Trevor locations. So a desert area would do the trick, and some ancient cars with the composure of horses and ammunition belong to that time. We just imagine the things that we want in Red Dead Redemption 3, and the description is quite justified with a perspective of the third edition.

New Characters

As we know, likes of characters such as John Marston, Arthur Morgan, Micah, and Dutch Van Der Linde will no longer be a part of Red Dead Redemption 2. if the story moves forward to 1970. However, most of them have died, so there is no chance that the story could move forward. So new characters could only a way to inject franchises with more excitement. We are counting on some real faces, such as the current generation of games doing with TV and movie characters.

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