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Ratched: Netflix Released The Full Length Trailer For The Upcoming Series

Here is what we know about the series called Nurse Ratched on the streaming giant Netflix!

Well, well, well, actor Ryan Murphy is now setting a show in an institution meant for people with a mental health condition along with actress Sarah Paulson who is the leading character of the series, and many people think that this deed has already been done before too.

You all can pretty well remember the second installment of American Horror Story, which was subtitled as Asylum. But as if right now, this new series, which has been created by Glee as well as the American Horror Story, actually serves the task of being a prequel to the Academy Award winner called One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest and will tell the origins of the Nurse Ratched.

Here is what the tale of Nurse Ratched is all about on the streaming platform!

The film is set in 1975, and it goes on throw the entire spotlight on a convict who is transferred from a mental institution to avoid the pains posed by hard labor. When he comes her, he has hoped for a pretty easy time but soon comes to realize that Nurse Ratched controls the whole institution authoritatively.

We all are going to witness that she will use all her powers to intimidate her ceratin charges. You should all know that One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest has now become the second film ever to win all the major categories present in the Academy Awards that is,

  • Best Picture
  • Actress in Lead Role
  • Screenplay
  • Actor in Lead Role
  • Director

This forthcoming series on Netflix has cast actress Sarah Paulson in the titular role, and we all going to dive into her past and know-how she transformed from a simple nurse to a fully-fledged monster in the vicinity.

Here is a trailer of the show provided by Netflix recently!