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Ratched: Here’s We Have Explained The Thrilling Storyline Of The Newly Released Series

Ratched is one of the newest Netflix series and well well if you haven’t seen it yet then go ahead and watch it right now, if you are a big American Horror Story fan then this is just the perfect series for you, Ryan Murphy has done it once again and we can not thank him enough for coming up with such a marvelous series.

So, without wasting time let us get into the review of Ratched.

Netflix drops trailer for Ryan Murphy's Nurse 'Ratched' origin story
Source NBC News


Ratched starring Sarah Paulson is one of the best series out there right now, the series start with four priests out of the five that are cold blooded murdered by Edmund Tolleson, when he is killing the last priest he could find he tells him that he raped her mother who was a nurse and he was their child, well, we can locate the reason for these vicious murders.

Six months later appears Mildred Ratched in Lucia she is an uptight, strong woman who gets whatever she wants, she makes her way into getting a job in state hospital where Dr, Richard Hanover is following some barbaric experiments on his patients, we later discover that she there for Edmund Tolleson who is her brother, the reunion of the two is the most evil, sinister thing ever, she wants to help him escape and she somehow does succeed in her [plan.

Along the way she also discovers that she enjoys the company of other women which came as a rather shock to her, if you look at the scenes where she wants Charles Wainwright to follow along with the role play where Ratched is seen nearly psycho.

In the last scene of the show we see that Edmund has called Ratched and somehow located her, but except being scared of him she challenges him well, we can only say that season 2 is going to be a bannger.

That is all we know so far we will keep our readers updated on the latest news about Ratched until then continue reading with us!

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