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Prison School Season 2; Release Date And Cast Updates

So is the Japanese anime is coming back for a second season? When is it happening? What are the plot updates? Here is everything we have brought for you about Prison School season 2.

The Japanese series is based on the manga series consisting of only 12 episodes to binge watch in the first season. It was well received by the viewers of all age groups and it’s already five years since the launch of the first instalment.

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Production Details Of Prison School Season 2

Till now no update had come up from the makers whether a season two is in making or not.

Plot Of Prison School Season 2

The plot is based on an all-girls school with strict discipline and quality study where after a period of time, boys are also allowed to get themselves enrolled in the school making it a coed institution.

The boys try to get themselves closer with the girls but fail multiple times. This is what makes the show more interesting and exciting to watch.

Criticism The Show Suffered

However, the audience had a complaint with the English dubbing as they did not feel it went along with the characters and the show in good synchronisation.

The Japanese animated series is available on Hulu in the Japanese language with English subtitles. So you can enjoy the show without any complaints.

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