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Pregnant Teacher Loses Her Baby After Hit-And-Run On Her Way To Home

A teacher who is eight months-pregnant lost her baby following clash through a hit-and-run driver on the route home from her baby shower.

On Saturday, the 24 years old Mashayla Harper was hit by the driver suspected of being 33 years old James Gilbert as she drove house by Laurel, Mississippi.

The primary school teacher’s Honda Accord struck with a Nissan Titan, with Gilbert ostensibly fleeing on foot following the collision.

Harper was gone to South Central Regional Hospital in a dangerous condition, where she lost her baby.

She has later been conveyed to Forrest General Hospital, where her condition is stated to be gently improving.

Gilbert, who was earlier jailed for DUI, ostensibly confessed drinking before the collision. The Laurel Leader Call told a little amount of drink was also got in his broken vehicle.

Questioned by a journalist from the paper why he’d left at court Monday, Gilbert stated: ‘I was afraid, I’m very sorry. I’m so sad.’

Gilbert gave himself in following Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin asked the suspect’s wife and urged him to ‘do the right thing.’

On Monday, he and his kin cried through a court appearance as the court learned how Harper ‘lost her unborn baby.’

Gilbert has so far been accused of leaving the scene of an occurrence that made death or wounds.

The married father of two is being taken at the Jones County Adult Detention Center instead of $100,000 bail and could meet more serious accusations while reports got.

On social site, Harper’s father, Maurice Pruitt Sr shared a disturbing status showing his daughter’s trial.

It stated: ‘To see our child go from this being the happiest day of her life to ICU in a matter of minutes was a complete catastrophe.

‘That fool hit her head on and left her out there on that road to die. ‘We are thankful for the person that appeared to be in the area hunting to come to her aid. Otherwise, we may not be sitting in ICU, praying as she struggles for her life.’

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