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Porch Pirate Caught Stealing Cameras Installed To Keep A Check On Him

The surveillance camera has captured a porch pirate in California after stealing the cameras which were installed to keep an eye on people like him.

The victim, who requested not to be identified, said that he was away with his family on holiday when an alarm on his smartphone around 2:30 am and notified him that a porch pirate had been located outside his door.

The footage reveals a white sedan backing up on the road in Alameda, California, and then pulling over. A man bearing a blue coat is seen leaving his vehicle, climbing up the stairs, walking past two bags left on the porch, and instead of stealing a home surveillance camera.

A few moments later, he came back with a black box in his hands.

He’s captured on camera, providing himself with a boost before seizing and stealing a second Bing wireless camera. A third camera was out of range but was not in place to record the crime.

Alameda Police said that the offense was an unusual one but suggested it could have been an attempt to explorer and prep the empty place for a future home robbery.

Alameda Police Lt. Matt McMullen said that “The purpose of having a camera is to stop or prevent this kind of offense.”

The camera’s owner and his family cut their holiday short and returned. They shared pictures and videos with police and stated that the porch pirate only took the two cameras.

“We want to build a safe environment, and we urge people to have surveillance cameras,” McMullen said.

Porch pirate thefts have been increasing across the country as many purchase holiday packages online. The porch pirate mainly targetted those families and homes that had gone on a vacation this holiday season.

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