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Policemen In Russia Jailed For Molesting Junior Colleague

Three high-ranking police officer has been jailed in Russia for molesting a young colleague.

A Russian court sentenced the police officers on Thursday to six and seven years in jail for molesting a Junior colleague last year.

A 23-year-old junior colleague was attacked and molested by three policemen after drinking alcohol with the junior colleague. The accused policemen were charged with assaulting and molesting. The incident happened in last year October.

The alleged molestation took place in the offices of the regional Interior Ministry, which managed the police and was said to be headed by Yaromchuk.

According to sources, the victim said that she was forced to drink alcohol with the three officers.

The Kirov District Court in Ufa discovered district police chiefs Eduard Matveyev and Salat Galiyev guilty of molestation and physical violence. The court also found the head of the regional Interior Ministry Pavel Yaromchuk guilty of physical abuse and molestation.

The Kirov District Court gives Matveyev and Galiyev seven years in prison and six years in jail for Yaromchuk, which combines time served in pre-trial custody and under house arrest.

The judge also directed the three accused to give the unnamed victim 3 million rubles (around $48,000) for the damages.

The victim is a very close relative of a senior National Guard commander of Russia’s republic of Bashkortostan, where the city of Ufa is located.

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