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Playstation 5: Dualshock Controller Compability Details

This year is the most ominous, and it almost destroys several industries and businesses. Covid-19 pandemic really hit hard to the people, and there is nothing to rejoice. However, fans are eagerly waiting for the unveiling of PS5, and it happened and went well. The release date and several other attachments regarding Playstation 5 already revealed.

So just wait till this holiday season, and then you will have surely get your hands on the next-gen console. But today we are talking about some compatibility regarding the next-gen consoles. Many fans questioning about working of Dualshock in Playstation 5, then we have the right answers for you.

Dualshock in Playstation 5

However, we are aware of the fact that PlayStation has backward compatibility, and it could run games of Playstation 4. So what about PS4’s Controller working on the next-gen console? Even Sony didn’t confirm the fact that DualShock will run on Playstation 5 or not, but we assume that only games could be playable, and the Controller won’t work on Playstation 5.

Why It Won’t Work

Now the question Popped up in everyone’s mind that why Controller won’t on Playstation 5, but games work fine. So we give you an insight into the games too as there is no official confirmation for it too. So don’t believe the speculations until everything will be crystal clear about the compatibility modes.

So the basic reason for Dualshock not working on Playstation 5 is that it could decrease the demands of dual sense controllers. However, users will surely keep their extra controllers if anyhow they plan to sell their old generation. So ultimately, the demand for dual sense will automatically degrade, and Sony won’t gain many profits from sales of controllers.

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