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Placido Domingo Rushed Into Hospital Amid Coronavirus Diagnosis

Placido Domingo Rushed Into Hospital!!!

Sources confirmed that the Opera singer Plácido Domingo was hospitalized in Mexico on Saturday evening after complications related to the epidemic virus{COVID-19}. In a statement to the media, a spokesman for Domingo revealed that he is in stable condition. He will remain in the hospital until the doctors hope to fix it.

Plácido Domingo confirmed that he was diagnosed with coronavirus. The 79-year-old man revealed his status in a Facebook post today.

The Three Tenors star revealed that he felt it was his “moral duty” to share his diagnosis. He and his family are “in self-isolation whenever medically necessary.” Domingo is married to opera singer Marta Domingo and has three children, but has not disclosed his medical condition.

The star describes his symptoms with his fans!!!

He described his symptoms like fever and cough and urged fans to be “extremely careful” by constantly practicing measures like handwashing and social unrest. He suggests their fans that together we can fight this virus and prevent the current crisis worldwide so that we can return to our normal daily lives very soon. Follow our local government guidelines and regulations to stay safe and protect yourself.

Domingo has been out of the limelight due to allegations of sexual harassment against him by several women. He has canceled the presentation, saying he will not act in the future. Therefore, for more updates related to the epidemic virus COVID-19 stay tuned with us, respectively.

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