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Physical Fantasy Gone Wrong! Men Accidentally Broke Into Different House With Machetes


An intimate fantasy went wrong when two men hired to tie a stranger up in his underwear and stroke him with a broom broke into the wrong house.

They both were armed with machetes as part of the role play, which was organized over Facebook by a man living in a country part of New South Wales, Australia.

He mentioned his address to the hired pair and said he was ready to pay $5,000 ASD if it was really good. One of the men, Terrence Leroy, has been cleared of entering the home armed with a weapon after he had not eliminated the right possibility that he broke in as part of a legal plan to carry out a passionate fantasy.


They brought the machetes either as a prop or something to use in that fantasy,’ the judge said in his reported reasons for the release earlier this month.

‘The fantasy was unscripted, and there was a concern as to how it would be carried out.’

The would-be client, who wanted to be tied up and have a brush handle rubbed around his underwear, had a history in engaging the services of people.


But he moved to another address 50km away without informing the two men. They then invaded a home on the street of the original address on July 14 last year. The tenant living there noticed some light coming from his lounge room when he got up to go to the restroom at around 6 am and thought that it was a friend who came daily to make coffee.

After hearing a voice ask if his name was that of the dedicated client, the homeowner turned on his bedside light, took off his sleep apnoea mask, and saw two men reaching next to his bed with machetes aimed down towards the ground. They started to leave after they realized their mistake, with one saying ‘sorry mate’ and shaking the resident’s hand.

Right Address

The two men then drove to the exact address, where the client noticed one man had a great big knife in his trousers and asked them to leave the weapons in their car. The client then cooked bacon, eggs, and noodles, and a short time later, the police reported at home, found the machetes in the car, and arrested the hired pair.

The judge ruled that evidence did not suggest the men’s actions were deliberate. A lawyer for Leroy said: ‘It was a business agreement to tie up and cuff a semi-naked man in his underpants with a broom. The entry was not intending to intimidate.

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