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Pennsylvania Woman Arrested For Brutally Throwing Pre-School Girl Down Stairs

A Pennsylvania woman is booked for pushing a girl down the stairs

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested in connection with an incident in February in which she allegedly threw the former boyfriend’s 4-year-old daughter into a laundry basket down the stairs.

Brittany Renee Zimmerman, 26, was arrested on Friday by Westmoreland County police on charges of aggravated assault, child threat, simple assault, and reckless threat.

Medical reports revealed that the girl had several serious injuries

The investigation reportedly began when the girl was hospitalized for multiple injuries after Zimmermann observed her. Police said the girl had a bruise and cut on her forehead, as well as many other abrasions and bruises in various stages of healing.

The girl told investigators that Zimmerman put her in a laundry basket and threw her down the stairs in anger.

The girl also reportedly told investigators that she grabbed her by the hair, threw her on the bed, and smeared her with nail polish. Zimmerman would also add salt to the chocolate and milk mixture for the little girl and her brother.

Charges against the woman

Zimmermann was also charged in two other separate cases. According to the sources, she was also arrested on charges of stalking, breaching privacy and illegally distributing intimate images for allegedly infringing on her ex-boyfriend’s Facebook account and for sending nude photos which she brought to her family and friends. friends, court documents proved. It is not known if this is the same ex-boyfriend who is the father of the 4-year-old.

She will have a child abuse preliminary hearing on August 20 and is being held at Westmoreland County Jail on $ 15,000 bail. She was released on a $ 10,000 bail in a privacy case and a preliminary hearing will be held on September 10.

Zimmerman was tried Thursday on charges of conspiracy, criminal acts, and false reports filed by the Greensburg police. She was released on $ 25,000 bail.

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