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Ozark Season 4: Do We Have A Trailer And Release Date?

The Byrdes family returned for season three in Netflix hit crime drama series Ozark, the season finale ended with too many twists, and now fans need to take a look at how the fourth season is looking!

Is Crime Drama Series Ozark Renewed For Season 4 By Netflix?

While the fourth season has yet not been renewed by the streaming giant, Netflix has a reputation of raking its own sewer time before renewing any project. However, considering how the show ended in the third season finale, we are sure that a fourth season is right around the corner!

How Will Marty Survive The New Dangerous Connections That He Made?

While it was expected that Marty would lay low for a while, that is undoubtedly not what happens, and he gets involved in an even bigger scheme this time. The stakes are undoubtedly higher than ever with the whole family and their lives at risk.

Jason Bateman, who plays the lead role of Marty, has also expressed his hopes of getting the series renewed to get another season. However, showrunner Chris Mundy has already been hard at work about what all can happen in the fourth season. Mundy has previously mentioned earlier that they have the plan to run the show for at least five seasons. We are not sure about Ben’s death as we have not seen the body yet, and that’s a sure way to make his return possible! There might be more to what eyes saw! We speculate that Ben might not be dead after all!

The Showrunner Has Some Elaborate Plan For The Show!

However, that also depends on how the story turns out and the flexibility of the plot, as mentioned by the showrunner himself! It can be four seasons or even as many as seven seasons as well. We also can see what happens to Ruth after she is hugely disappointed and finally decides to switch sides with Darlene. Moreover, it was just not Been who had to face a tragic death, but even Helen’s life is also hanging in end, it seems! There’s a lot to catch up!

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