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Overlord Season 4: Have Makers Dropped A Release Date For Anime?

Animes are pretty fun to watch, and they get well connected with the audience in terms of its content and characters. Animes are having more influence on their audience rather than daily shows. Likes of One Piece, Naruto, Goblin Slayer, Attack on the Titans, and many more are the fan favorites among the genre.
Overload is also considered as a better contender of animes and has a huge fanbase. The third season was aired in 2019, and now the fourth season is among the much-awaited list of the fans.
So we will provide you every possible information about the upcoming season of Overload.


If you are wondering that there will be a fourth season or not, somehow it got canceled or not. So we advise you to take a sigh of relief as the show already got the green light for the fourth season, and the production is in a progressive phase.

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Release Date

However, there is nothing confirmed with the respect of the release date of Overload Season 4. However, the projected release date of the show was set on for the Holiday Season release. If Somehow we rule out that possibility, then it will likely arrive next fall for sure.

Possible Reasons for Delay

However, there could be many reasons for the delay, but currently, the producers are facing script issues. It is speculated that the script of Overload Season 4 has not finalized yet, as there is still a volume to release. So season 3 was the endpoint in the adaptations of the novel, and now it will proceed when scripting is in favor of writers.

Expected Plot

We can’t say anything much in this regard as there is no trailer and other attachments available currently. However, we could take some inspiration from the novel of light and conclude some facts that Ainz will face more challenges as he already some of them in past seasons. So for the spoiler section, we have to dig deep, and this is not the right time for it.
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