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Outlander Season 5: This Is Adam Heughan’s Favourite Episode

Fans can’t wait to see the new Outlander season. The drought period has lasted a long time and spectators are ready to return to Fraser’s Ridge. Well, Adam Heughan the star of Outlander has revealed his favorite episodes in the show.  Heughan as Jamie revealed that which episodes he likes the most in the show for more information scroll-up here.

This Is Adam Heughan’s Favourite Episode!!

Heughan fully agrees with his wife’s onscreen statements. However, he revealed that he agrees and he thinks this is probably the strongest ending and for him, he thinks Episode Seven is one of the favorite episodes of him. “It is the culmination of a story of mine”. It was also fun. But for the fun you had, choose one or two episodes.

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Filming for season 6 hasn’t started, and you probably won’t see it for some time. So with this in mind why not spend a little time getting some romantic scenes? It seems like an eternity and a day before! Time moves at such a strange rate now, and there is something very strange about looking back then. Season 5 is a unique batch of episodes specifically for this show, whether you think of premiere flashbacks, silent movie footage with Roger, or Claire’s visualization at the end, they were huge risks.

Other stars also told about their favorite episodes in the show!!

Therefore, Skelton also revealed his favorite episodes of the show. Skelton revealed that he thinks for him, in a weird way, because it’s a difficult episode to watch, but episode 10,” Skelton admitted. As for the story, “it’s a very strong period. We’re filmed in a good location, and it just takes an unexpected turn, so yes, I think it will be interesting for the fans.”

And for Rankin, he likes the episodes so much because he did too much effort on that especially episodes. And this task was very challenging for him. But for the fun you had, choose one or two episodes he suggests their fans, respectively.

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