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Our Favorite Show Lucifer May Get 100 Episodes As Netflix Renew It For Season 6

Netflix advanced the Lucifer television series to the sixth and final season, allowing the show to reach 100 episodes for the series’ run.

Lucifer Season 5 Hit Century Of Episode

Lucifer has been running for five seasons, first available on Netflix in the first half of season 5. running a nightclub in present-day Los Angeles. He spends his extra time on a police investigation, mainly due to Chloe’s (Lauren German) romantic interest, while surviving the wrath of dad, AK God (season 5 plus Dennis Herbert). Season 5 is about Lucifer’s twin brother Michael who meets Satan while on Earth.

Executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich discuss future changes to the series. The sixth and final season could allow the series to reach 100 episodes, which can be seen as a landmark milestone for a long-running TV series. Throughout the interview, Henderson and Modrovich were compelled about the hope of filming seventeen episodes to make them 100, and Henderson replied, “We can’t answer the order of our episodes,” and “There was a conversation, “Modrovich said. Henderson also explained that the 100 episode mark is a very serious thing. Warner Bros. ”

Lucifer' Renewed for Season 6 on Netflix — Won't End With Season 5 | TVLine

Image Source: TVLine

Ending Of Lucifer  Season 6

If Season 5 ends with the show’s themes, the character’s travels, and a beautiful finale dedicated to the fandom that brought it all together, we wouldn’t have the feeling to pick it up again in Season 6. Didn’t you just see what it would mean at the end of the road?

One has to look at the supernatural, which founder Eric Kripke only wanted to do in five seasons, which could initially be what could have been as a series finale, in the long run, to see that it could only be the end of a chapter. the beginning of a new one. And who knows, maybe it’s a sign that Lucifer is also destined to run another 10 seasons!

Although Season 5 proves to be Lucifer’s last, we still have a lot in mind, including a musical episode, a noir episode set in a 1940s universe, and even an introduction to God Himself!

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