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Oscars: Academy Made A Big Decision? Why Is It So Important?

Since the advent of award ceremonies in the entertainment industry, his stepping stone to accomplishment has been to get his hands on one of those glittering gold Oscar statues. The statue has been taken into consideration thru Public Radio International, after Mexican actor Emilio Fernández, who became one of the most prolific actors/directors in film history, appears to be the most recent announcement from the Academy that it has taken long to come.

According to Entertainment Weekly, on September 8, 2024, the academy announced new standards for inclusion in its Best Picture category. The news is seen as an important step toward greater representation in the film. This recent development generates some hope in the awards ceremony. The Academy Awards have become limited as of late, even without presenters for the past two years.

The lack of an eccentric personality to focus on audiences during the Academy’s biggest night has led the members to the headlines themselves, forcing them to make changes, especially since the Academy’s people of color boycott talks have It’s been spinning for years, as evidenced by the annual trending hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, which was commissioned in April by the reigning finance attorney, who reported that all twenty acting nominations were white in the New York Times report. I went to the actors, two years in a row.

Why the big decision the Oscars just made is important

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Starting in 2024, the nominee for Best Picture must meet the requirements

The academy is submerged in hot water. As the New York Times Peace points out, the organization remains predominantly white (81 percent) and male (67 percent), which explains why it has taken so long for these necessary changes, especially when paperwork is needed. Combine with. The new standards don’t ask creators to change their creative or marketing process, but they do have a clear message about inclusion that will propel the industry in the right direction.

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