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One Punch Man: 4 Things About Saitama That Make No Sense

There are many things about Saitama that most fans don’t believe right now. These matters don’t have any which means to him. There is much Shonen anime that have appeared and have a great effect at the audience, however, the stage of reputation that One-Punch Man has reached is The self-conscious action series brilliantly showcases the superhero genre, which is not only comical but is also packed with highly satisfying fight scenes.

One-Punch Man is full of powerful heroes and villains who exceed expectations, but Saitama is the best and his strength is often too vast to comprehend. Saitama can easily win in a war, but he is a character that many feel, with many details that defy common sense.

His ranking in the Hero Association is only class B.

One of the funniest running gags within One-Punch Man is that although Sitama is clearly one of the most powerful heroes on the planet, he struggles to play the bureaucratic game of the Hero Association and has one with himself. Strive for a proper impact. Hero Ranking

He can jump on the moon

One-Punch Man’s Saitama Is in general diagnosed for his large strength, however, he is above common in lots of categories, a number of which The One-Punch Man season pits Saitama against Borma, an exaggerated battle that sends Saitama to the moon and back. Not only is Sitama capable of jumping to the moon without difficulty, but he can also hold his breath in space to a point that indicates that he must also have supernatural.

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It is immune to extreme temperatures.

It is immune to extreme temperatures. In One-Punch Man, there are numerous heroes and villains who’ve unique superpowers that permit them to painfully annihilate the competition. Saitama is very strong, but this does not mean that he is completely unsuitable for these types of elements, but Sitama claims that this is the case because he trained without the use of air conditioning Repeated examples show that the powerful abilities of the flames cause Sitama to strip naked, while her clothing is burned to the point of sewing.

They have supernatural teeth

As much as physical strength is important to the One-Punch Man protagonist, it is only one factor in the fight and speed is often shown to be more important. Speed-O-Sound is one of the fastest heroes in the Sonic series, but Sitama can fight back against her. One of the staff swaps between these two involves Sonic reaching for the sword with a sword in Saitama. Saitama defends the attack by slashing with the sword, which not only makes Sitama dissatisfied but also destroys the sonic sword.

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