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On My Block: Is The Netflix Teen Drama Series Renew For A Season 4? Details Inside

Here is what we know about Netflix not renewing shows for new installments!

Well, each and every subscriber of the streaming giant Netflix know that this huge platform used to be the location where other canceled series and franchises would go to get a recital but as we have been witnessing over the past several years.

Even this streaming service provider has started the process of canceling a fair share of shows as well and among these have been some noticeable titles for which fans have been eagerly waiting for.

Many shows have been canceled by Netflix but there are no updates about On My Block!

Netflix has canceled shows like Spinning Out as well as The OA both of which have ended on cliffhangers before even getting a cancellation status.

At times, we see that Netflix is pretty generous about giving a green light to the shows as recently happened with big titles like Lost In Space which has been renewed for of a third installment and then there is the highest view gaining series called Stranger Things which got renewed for a third season.

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Has On My Block been renewed yet for a second season?

All this while, the most common thing is when this streaming platform leaves blockbuster shows in the middle and neither renew it nor cancel it.

This might be seen in the cases of popular shows like On My Block and Mindhunter. Also, there is not just these two, it has also happened with Sweet Magnolias.

Why is On My Block not been renewed yet?

As the fans of On My Block are aware of the fact that there is a lot of romance shows that cast three pretty ladies who lead the series and are currently in their forties while having seen plenty of life already.

Well, this should be considered as one of the reasons while the others being the proliferation of margaritas as well as some pretty intriguing menfolk. These are the top reasons why On My Block has been so hit and the audience has always appreciated it. There also is a lot of content left for Netflix to cover from the boos from which this show has been adopted.

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