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New Jersey Girl Helped Killer Of Her Mother To Dispose The Body

A teen girl helped in hiding the deceased body of her mother:

A 51-year-old New Jersey woman has died, and police say her 14-year-old daughter helped in removing the body.

According to the father of the teenage girl, reported her mother, Divna Rosasco, disappeared on Monday night. After an hour-long search, Cresskill authorities found Rosasco’s Jeep in Teaneck’s Overbeck Park.

The officers found blood spots in the car:

Robert Anzilotii, a lead investigator at Bergen County, said someone removed the SUV’s advertising plate while trying to conceal the owner’s identity. The reports say that authorities have found blood and debris in the car.

A Bergen district officer noticed that something was off and called the K-9 department for help. Upon arrival, one of the dogs smelled and took officers near the boat. An officer found the body, which was later identified as Rosasco.

The body of the victim was found underwater:

The victim, who was submerged in about five feet of water, took a plastic bag over his head and touched his body. Anzilotii said someone praised the weight with the cylinder blocks. It was tied with duct tape and rope.

The suspects tried to escape from the scene:

Shortly thereafter, officers found 19-year-old Nicolas Coiraza at the nearby hotel with the 14-year-old daughter of Rosasco. They tried to reach Uber when officers stopped them for questioning.

Charges for the crime:

Police eventually arrested Koiraza and charged him with first-degree murder, although it is unknown what evidence prompted the investigators to lead him. Authorities said in a statement that the arrests were made after an investigation by the Bergen Public Prosecutor.

An unnamed 14-year-old was also arrested. She has been accused of disrupting human remains, obstructing evidence, and arresting arrest. Corazza has also been charged with harassment of human remains, evidence violation, delayed arrest, and weapon violation.

According to data, Rosasco had a sore throat. She was also hit on the body several times.

The motive and the relationship between the suspect is unknown:

The relationship between the suspects is currently unknown, but the source told authorities that Coirazza was “known to the family”. The murder was said to have taken place at Rosaska’s home.

The motive for the murder has not yet been announced.

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