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New Girl Reunion: Jake Johnson In Possible Talks

After seven seasons, the television show inspired fans to jump back in time. The cast of New Girl would have felt the same way, adding a key piece of a chain wrap that they don’t have to experience. After a successful run, the end of the comedy is not ready to accept some actors, crew, and fans. 

Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zuwei Dashiell) were also married and had a child, which provoked devoted NG fans all the time. Despite all those eight episodes in season 7, Johnson says the cast missed a significant part of the final experience. When a beloved series ends, the artist usually performs a “treatment. During an interview with Slate’s Thirsty Aid Kit podcast, Johnson said that Fox canceled the new girl when viewers shuddered.

New Girl's Jake Johnson teases reunion and has already reached out ...


Jake Johnson In Possible Talks

To top it all, the eight episodes that advance the story have yet to satisfy those who are still hanging. He explained that at the end of the series the cast was not invited to do the rounds of interviews and no one asked them to be on any of the shows to talk about the end.

Without the usual holiday, Johnson said he and Dashiell initially emailed Fox and the most important people in 20th-century television, “for some more OG fans, who stayed with us. With that said, Johnson pointed out to his fans a possible new girl reunion in the works to make it all happen.

Other updates?

Everyone is still connected, so I would be surprised if there was nothing in a place that everyone returns to. Meanwhile, Johnson lent his voice to a basketball coach in Hoops, an animated adult comedy on Netflix. New girl Costar, Simone, Greenfield, and Damon Waynes also appear.

Still, Nick was thought of, Jess, and there’s a rumor of fans in the gang joining in on a new girl encore. “I really miss you! I need you together again! commented on a fan on the show’s Instagram page. “No! You are not allowed to keep this page until the show comes back. Apparently 2024 is strangely groundbreaking and the only cure is more New Girl, respectively.

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