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Netflix’s Hollywood: Are There Any Plans Drafted For Sequel?

Ryan Murphy is a genius in terms of proving quality cinematic experience and shows like The Politician and Hollywood are such a treat to watch. The 1940’s drama Hollywood brought back many memories for the people who are fond of classic cinema and era as the show deals with such quality.

So let’s discuss the details of the potential sequel season and how it will follow in terms of renewal and other factors.

Renewal Status

Considering the current scenarios, it is evident that streaming gaints and showrunners don’t opt for early conclusions. So simply, they are not taking decisions in a hurry as they did in the past. After the severe impact of Covid-19, platforms taking many factors into consideration and then take a decision, in the case of Hollywood, the current status of renewal is pending as there is no official confirmation regarding the sequel of the show.

Expected Release Date

However, there is no offfial confirmation regarding the status of renewal, then the release date of the sequel is much doubtful. Ryan Murphy asserted many facts regarding the sequel of the series.

He said: Hollywood was projected for a miniseries release but it become so popular that the audience desperately wants the sequel season. So the show likely to arrive next fall with a delay of atelast six months as the production phases will take longer time than usual.

Ryan Murphy's 'Hollywood' on Netflix Review: It's Not Perfect, But It'll  Make You Smile | Glamour

Source: Glamour


  • David Corenswet as Jack Castello

  • Darren Criss as Raymond Ainsley

  • Laura Harrier as Camille Washington

  • Joe Mantello as Richard “Dick” Samuels

  • Dylan McDermott as Ernest “Ernie” West

  • Jake Picking as Roy Fitzgerald / Rock Hudson

  • Jeremy Pope as Archie Coleman

  • Holland Taylor as Ellen Kincaid

  • Samara Weaving as Claire Wood

  • Jim Parsons as Henry Willson

  • Patti LuPone as Avis Amberg


Currently, there is no trailer for the sequel season as there is still time for an official confirmation with the proceedings of filming sessions.

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