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Netflix’s Dad Wanted: What We Know So Far!

Streaming giant Netflix has been increasing its library by adding international content to its platform. The streaming giant has been airing several Mexcian series and films on its platform. Mexican movies and series have found several fans and followers all around the world. Netflix is all set to introduce another Mexican movie on its platform for its subscribers. Titled as Dad Wanted, this new Mexican film is making its debut on the digital platform soon. Fans and followers of the Mexican series are looking forward to watching this new comedy-drama movie on Netflix.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming comedy-drama film on the streaming giant’s platform.

Dad Wanted'/'Se busca papá': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's family comedy | MEAWW


When Is The Mexican Film Dad Wanted Or Se Busca Papá Arriving On Netflix?

The Mexican comedy-drama series Dad Wanted is arriving on the streaming giant’s platform very soon. With the comedy touch, Dad Wanted, or Se Busca papá is set to premiere on Netflix on September 11. The comedy film will take the viewers on a laugh riot.

What Can The Viewers Expect To Watch In The Upcoming Film Dad Wanted Or Se Busca Papá?

Dad Wanted Or Se Busca Papá will take viewers on a comical journey. The film follows a girl Bianca. She is in her tweens and lives with her mother after she lost her father to a tragic accident. In her tweens, Bianca wants to ride a BMX bike, but her mother refuses to let her ride one. Her mother is apprehensive as she lost her husband in an accident. Going against her mother’s wishes, Bianca decides to take part in a BMX bike racing competition, without her knowledge. To enter the race, Bianca needs her father’s approval. The young girl decides to hire a father for herself.