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Netflix Puts End On Two Series Due To Coronavirus

Earlier this week, Comedy Central canceled their four-season Tosho renewal and canceled the show instead, due to the hub of the adult animation network. it is. Now, Netflix seems to be following in the footsteps of Comedy Central for very different reasons. Read it about it. Netflix has officially canceled Society and I’m Not Agree With This. As well we have known that The Society had already been renewed for season 2 so there no question about it’s canceled. Based on the deadline, the Society was scheduled to begin filming for season 2 next month.

Two shows Puts End Due To Coronavirus

As with I’m Not Okay With This was already given the green light for season 2. The scripts were soon written with the intention of putting heads into production. However, Netflix not confirmed this show will happen this year or not. A statement issued by Netflix stated that COVID-19 is the main culprit. According to sources, the uncertainties of the production start dates and the unexpected budget increase were some of the reasons behind the cancellation. Read the full description of Netflix below:

Netflix pulled off a showstopper early in the pandemic, but will ...


We have not made the difficult decision to move forward with the second season of Society and I do not agree with that. The Society; And all of the writers, artists, and staff worked tirelessly to make these shows for our members around the world. It is really unfortunate that such quality shows are being phased out due to the epidemic, but everything has been delayed by the shutdown of production, and by resuming production, the studio also changed about the actual filming.

Other Details?

All in all, it sucks that the cast, crew, and writers took a hit by The Society and I disagree with them. He was particularly looking forward to the possible season 2 of I’m Not Okay With This and now, he’s going to appear on a long list of Netflix shows that got canceled after just one season. Therefore, the two shows Society and I’m Not Okay With this is still available on Netflix. Be sure to check out our Fall 2024 TV Release Guide for more information on what to watch in the coming months, respectively.

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