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Netflix Ordered Castlevania For Season 4, Know Every Detail Here

Netflix has revealed that Castlevania will return for a fourth season.

The news comes less than a month after the release of Castlevania Season 3, which had some major developments for its characters. Trevor Belmont and Sipa suffer chaos after a period of happiness, and they discover that Dracula may not be as dead and missing as they had hoped. Alucard begins a demonic transformation after betrayal, as Hector struggles to adjust to his new captivity, and Isaac continues Dracula’s fictional war on his own terms.

Netflix revealed the news on Twitter with a short video featuring Isaac’s magic mirror. The news is welcome but not unexpected since the plot of the third season was presented as an intermediate chapter. However, it is encouraging that Netflix breaks away from its traditional three-station model. See the tweet below:

Source: NK on Netflix

Castlevania is one of the best video game adaptations out there and the third season took place in some exciting new directions.

It vastly expanded the world through the introduction of characters like Sala, Saint-Germain, and the Carmilla Vampire Court, showcasing some of the show’s best and worst mixes, and organizing the most influential action to date. The third season was the show’s best performance and fans should be very happy to know that Castlevania will not be ending anytime soon.

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