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Netflix La Revolution: We Have Explained Major Things Fans Should Know About This French Series

We know how Netflix delivers unique content for its subscribers. If you own a NetFlix subscription, then you won’t feel bored at any time. There a lot of content and that too in different languages too. It has many Spanish series, french and Israeli series too. The streaming Netflix is now releasing a new french series for its subscribers.

Is There Any Confirmed Release Date

We all enjoy the treat from Netflix. The new treat for us will be a French-language Original show, La Revolution, arriving in the next month. La Revolution has been being created since 2018, and its production has now been completed. We don’t have any specific release date, but it is confirmed to release in the next month.

La Révolution | Netflix Official Site
Source: Netflix

Who All Will Appear

Nothing is officially confirmed about who will appear in the series. But we have some reports revealing the cast

Amir el Kacem

Marilou Aussilloux

Lionel Erdogan

and Doudou Masta

If we get the official cast information, then we will directly report it to you.

Plot Information Of The French Series

The new french drama series  has been inspired from the French Revolution. The story of the drama series will reveal the completion of government in Franch and the establishment of a republic and happened someplace in the scope of 1789 and 1799. The series will show the remarkable distress forward through the eyes of Joseph Guillotin.

Fans will get to see Joseph Guillotin, a specialist, and a legislator was a person from King Louis XVI’s in the general social affair. As a person from King Louis XVI’s general group, Joseph negated capital punishment. Later on, Joseph progressed the utilization of Edward Jenner’s smallpox immunization, when the blue-bloods expected to kill the residents. He finds that another virus, Blue Blood, is impacting the blue-bloods. Noting much, it revealed as of now about the new french series.

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