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Netflix Elite: Danna Paola Reveals A New Season 3 Preview?

Netflix has officially announced the third season of the Elite. Danna Paola is relishing the best time of her career. The Mexican beloved has got huge success after her assistance in the series Elite.

Soon, Elite will present its third season and will be packed with many more conundra. In season third, it is assumed to solve all the plays that were left of the first season and all those that met the second.

Danna Paola has come back to Mexico to take on the projects she had already booked, and one of them has been a critic of the show La Academia of TV Azteca Uno. Several fans are satisfied and pleased with his objectivity speaking his views.

The 24-year-old artist appeared in the show Ventaneando of Mexico and spoke the characteristics that lead her to accept this project that has become one of the most important difficulties of her profession, but not only talked about her new face of judge but also she referred to Elite and unintentionally revealed the release date of the third season of the show.

Elite Season 3: Release date

Danna Paola said that she feels very excited about this new phase. Further, she authenticated that there is lots of talent in Mexico and that it is sure to provide her with a chance to maintain growing.

The directors of Ventaneando did not lose the opportunity to ask about the show. They admired her for the excellent work she has made in this production that has been very prosperous in several areas of the world.

Danna Paola said, ‘It has been a super cool work of all, and in this second season it has acted triple, it has noticed the ability of all, as we have matured. The entry of the new characters has given it freshness in the narrative. We have just completed the third season, and it will be released next year, before the summer.’

It means Elite season third would be coming in July 2024. But now, we have to wait for Netflix’s confirmation about the show’s release date. The third installment of the show will be ready to put itself in different areas of the world.

What Will Happen In Elite Season Third?

As all the students of Las Encinas know who murdered Marina, but at the end of the second season, the killer reappeared.

Acknowledgments to the shuffle made by Samuel and Guzman, Carla ended up revealing what happened to Marina: Polo beat her to death, and she and Christian supported her to hide the offense, pitching the murder tool– a school trophy – to a nearby pond.

Nonetheless, with the representative of Cayetana, Polo hidden the trophy and then only denied what was said by his ex-girlfriend.

In that link, Polo came back to school and by his word, is ready to keep his story, even if he even told Ander everything in a bit of dizziness.

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