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Netflix Added The Feature Of Pin-Protection To Protect Your Profile

Netflix has added the option to lock your personal user profile with a PIN.

This will allow users to protect their queues and maintain their individual viewer algorithm, a feature that would be particularly attractive if you share a Netflix account with multiple people.

If you’re a parent, this feature will take kids out of materials they can’t see by limiting them to just their friends.

It follows a couple of other parental controls introduced in the past few weeks, like parents that allow you to lock specific titles and disable the auto-play feature for TV episodes (maybe kids now have more time to stop at binge-eating home).

To add a PIN to your profile, you will need to go to your ‘page account’ page and navigate to the Control profile settings and parental controls. From there, select the ‘Block profile lock’ setting and enter your Netflix account password. Then check the ‘Require a PIN’ box to access the selected profile and enter four numbers to create a profile lock pin.

You may also need a PIN to add new profiles. Together, the new PIN requirements can prevent free layers from using your account.

Netflix usage has increased globally since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic. In the first quarter of the year, Netflix recorded 59 million new downloads. In Australia, Netflix launched band cables in late March to reduce traffic on the nation’s network by 25%.

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