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Jeffrey Epstein-Filthy Rich Documentary Premieres On Netflix This May

It is so devastating to hear news of molestation, human trafficking, illegal businesses almost every day and even more heartbreaking when it is revealed to be executed by highly reputed persons or institutions.

These people serve as an idol to a number of people and it feels so ashamed that you are linked directly or indirectly to such dirty-minded people. We are talking so as the largest online streaming platform Netflix is yet again bringing another docu-series titled Jeffrey Epstein- Filthy Rich.

Storyline Of Jeffrey Epstein-Filthy Rich

He is a financier and that too in the billionaire category who had been held under various charges of physical assault and trafficking thereby destroying the lives of thousands of women.

His life had been mainly surrounded with all these illegal and heart-wrenching crimes and the upcoming four-part documentary series would mainly focus on showing his life which was only a world of crime.

What To Expect From Jeffrey Epstein-Filthy Rich

The series would bring a lot of women, girls and minors as well who would share their real-life incidents of terror and brutality done with them making their entire life as a horror film to survive.

Not only this the series would also show that Jeffrey had some really high connections which include the current US President Donald Trump; seeking help from them to save him from legal troubles. Jeffrey is no more in this world and the docu-series would also reveal his manner of death as to whether it was a murder or a suicide.

Release Date and Trailer Of Jeffrey Epstein-Filthy Rich

You can watch it on May 27, 2024, and a trailer for it had been released too.