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Naomi Osaka: Fans Congratulated Her For Winning The Second Open Title

Naomi Osaka shared a winning tweet after her second US Open Championship win and her third Grand Slam title. By sharing a photo of him holding his trophy, Osaka also spoke about his roots and ancestors. Knowing Naomi’s tweet, “I remember her blood streaming through my veins.

Netizens react

Naomi Osaka’s winning tweet received an interesting response from netizens. While many congratulated him on the victory, others praised him for contributing to the Black Lives Matter movement. Some users also praised Naomi for remembering and accepting her ancestors.

Naomi Osaka on Black Lives Matter

Amid the debate over the wearing of masks in America, Naomi Osaka not only encouraged the use of masks but also advocated for the Black Lives Matter movement. During seven matches, he wore seven different masks with the names of 7 people of color who were victims of police brutality and were killed due to racial injustice.

Bryon Taylor, Eliza McClain, Ahmoud Erby, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Philando Castile, and Tamir Rice are the seven blacks who lost their lives due to racial discrimination.

In a video that went viral on social media, an international media reporter asked Naomi Osaka what message she wanted to send with her 7 masks and 7 names. Replying to the reporter, Osaka said that the message received by the people is the real question, and the point is to start conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Destined for greatness: Twitter reacts to Naomi Osaka's come-from-behind win US Open 2024 final

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In another interaction with the international media, Naomi Osaka claimed that she has 7 masks with 7 names, but this was not enough for all the victims of racial injustice, discrimination, and police brutality. Also, he claimed that he hoped to reach the final, which would allow him to show the names of other victims. Naomi Osaka brought more attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, making an impressive statement in opposition to her style of play.

In August, just before the US Open semifinals began, Naomi Osaka took to Instagram to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement. Speaking about the injustice against people of color, Osaka said: “Before I am an athlete, I am a black woman, and as a black woman, I feel that it is much more important than the people who watch my game. It is the cases.”

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