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Moonbase 8 Gets A New Trailer: Here’s What Fans Can Expect From The Comedy Series

The complete trailer for NASA’s Reilly and Tim Heidecker comedy Moonbase functions eight disorderly and disabled astronauts. The Showtime series, which will run for six episodes in season 1, was co-produced and co-written by the three stars, along with series director Jonathan Chrysal. Christel has previously worked with all three stars, Tim and Eric on Awesome Show, Great New! He has worked as a screenwriter and director, co-produced by Heidecker and starring Reilly.

What Fans Expect From Moonbase Series

He additionally co-produced Portlandia with Armen and Carrie Brownstone, directing maximum of the episodes of the 8th season of the cartoon show. Moonbase 8 follows the three protagonists who play a trio of mediocre astronauts for a lunar mission in a NASA lunar base simulator in Arizona. The series will plot their victories, and usually, as failures, they try to prove to NASA that they are worthy of being sent to the moon.

Moonbase 8: Official Confirmation On When Fans Will Get This Comedy Series

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Rather than the submit show’s broader attention on the distance application as a whole, this collection reinforces its lens towards the three main characters and a motivating team of peripheral characters incorporating them into the Moon Now the show’s first trailer has dropped and it is hilarious.