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Money Heist: Was It Really Removed From Netflix?

Money Heist is one of the best shows on Netflix and four seasons are a joy to watch. As the name resembles the plot of the show, it’s all about the robbery on a much higher level than anyone expected.

Money Heist is a Spanish Drama and Netflix is the biggest reason for exploring talents around the world. Spanish Cinema is brilliant in terms of real-time movies, however, the cinema uses the very least amount of visual effects but still impactful.

Money Heist Netflix Speculations

It is speculated that Money Heist got removed from the streaming giant and fans go crazy over this rumor. However, a tweet sparked such outrage with the respect of ongoing events of the deadly virus. The tweet itself mentioned the mishappenings of the year 2024 and then adding Money Heist to make it more lethal.

Here’s the tweet which shook the cinematic world for few seconds as users have begun to search the show on Netflix.

Show Wasn’t Removed

But the truth is the show never left the streaming giant and it was regarded as a huge blunder. So to gain a little bit of spotlight, the twitter user might be got what he wanted.


However, Fans also shared their feelings, and then there were showers of funny and sad reactions on the social platform. Some took it seriously without checking the availability of the show and some know that its nothing more than a hoax.

So it’s pretty natural to react as there is no other platform which likely to showcase Money Heist at this time. Netflix acquired it since the commencement of the show, so it will be a huge blow for fans if this really happened.

Money Heist Achievements

Now we are talking about the potential season 5 of the show and the series already clinched some milestones to its name. Money heist is getting more popular and popular as the trend of merchandise with the likes of Red hoodie and Dali Masks. So it also beneficial with its marketing strategy as everyone loves to be like the Statesmen for a day at least.

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