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Money Heist Season 5: Will There Be A Delay In Release Next Year?

The Spanish heist crime drama, Money Heist has been a very popular series ever since it dropped on Netflix. The show has a loyal fan following who are eagerly waiting for some news on the fifth installment of the crime drama.

Money Heist: Has The Series Been Renewed For A New Season?

The fourth part of Money Heist premiered on Netflix in April this year. The fourth part of the show has eight episodes in it. As of now, there is no official news on the renewal of the series for the fifth installment.

But there have been rumors that Netflix has already given a green signal for the fifth season of Money Heist. It is also being said that the pre-production work on the fifth season has already commenced. During the fourth part, the filming of the show was completed before Netflix had announced the renewal of the series.

In November last year, Jesús Colmenar was heard saying that Money Heist has been renewed for the fifth part. He also said that the filming of the new part will commence once the work on Sky Rojo is finished. In December last year Alex Pina and Martínez Lobato hinted that the fifth part of the hit series was in pipeline. They both refused to make any official statement due to the confidentiality contract.

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Money Heist: When Will Season 5 Of The Show Release?

Part one of Money Heist premiered on Netflix in December 2017. The second part premiered just a few months later in April 2018. After renewal, the third part of the series premiered in April 2019. The fourth part of the series premiered in April this year. Following the release trend, the fifth part of Money Heist should be expected to be premiered in April 2024.

But, this year things are different. The pandemic has brought the production of films and series to a complete halt. Money Heist is shot in Spain. The country was the epicenter of the pandemic for some time. The work is resuming slowly in the country. But it is not known whether the filming of Sky Rojo has finished and when the new part of Money Heist will be shot.

The viewers can expect a delay in the release of part 5 of Money Heist. Money Heist has been created by Alex Pina.

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