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Money Heist: Season 5 Will Take The Gang Out Of Spain!

Fans were pretty much taken aback about how things ended in the fourth season of popular Spanish series Money Heist. With how things went on to shock fans beyond limits, now we are looking forward to how things will unveil in season 5! Let us take a look into the details of what is going to happen next!

Money Heist Might Have Some Big Revelation To Make In Season 5, If Renewed!

Things did not end well for the Professor and the gang itself. While one of the most important characters had to bid farewell, there’s still be news waiting for the gang and their Bank of Spain heist! It seems like the gang is not going anywhere soon enough!

How Will The Gang Escape From The Hostage Situation?

With a huge amount of gold in possession, the most wanted criminal gang seems to be trapped in the Bank of Spain with nowhere to go! So, how is the escape possible this time? The trouble seems to be all the more complicated as the Professor has landed himself in yet another situation with no escape! So, with the professor in trouble how will the whole hostage situation turn out to be?

There is some fan speculation that a new character might be added in season 5. A character that will be unknown of Libson’s arrest and Rio’s torture. This new character might be in charge of the new police negotiations now that Alicia is not there. This character might make the situation worse or not? We will get to know after the series gets to renewed for season 5 soon enough!

What Will Happen To Gandia In This Whole Hostage Situation?

Fans are wondering whether some justice will be down with Nairobi’s character at all! With the popular character being mercilessly killed by cold-blooded Gandia, it seems like it was one of the most tragic characters ending that fans might have witnessed in the show. Will the gang kill Gandia and going against the moral rules of the Professor? Nairobi’s cold-blooded murder should not go unnoticed and fans are really not happy how things ended for her!

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