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Money Heist Season 5: How Professor And Gang Could Pulled Off The Heist

Popular Spanish series Money Heist just aired on Netflix with the brand new season 4 and let’s just say the gang is in grave trouble this time and fans are left with not one but several cliffhangers behind. Let us take a look at all the possibilities of the fifth season happening soon enough!

Money Heist Season 5: Is It Happening Anytime Soon? Here’s What We Know.

The end of season 4 was both tragic and shocking for fans. While the Professor’s fate was left hanging with fans speculating what’s next for the genius mastermind. While Netflix has not yet renewed the series for season 5 but considering how things were left off in the previous season, it is definitely coming back!

Alex Pina Teased The Possibilities Of Future Seasons!

Moreover, Alex Pina and his group of writers have teased the possibility of the fifth season in works according to several Spanish sources, the fifth season is already in pre-production. The fifth season might be coming sometime around the next year. While some characters are not coming back following their tragic end, the familiar cast members are surely returning for another adventurous heist on the go!

With things left in a rather confusing state with Professor caught in the whole act and the tragic death of Nairobi that left fans shocked, fans are looking forward to how things are going to happen in the next season. Will the gang punish Gandia or will follow Professor’s rules? With Lisbon still inside the back and Professor trailed by Alicia Sierra, how will the gang finally escape?

How Will The Fifth Season Turn Out For The Gang?

Now the big question is whether after exposing the police authorities, Alicia might be joining the gang from season 5 onwards which won’t be shocking for fans considering how the story has always given us huge twists and turns. With the gun pointed towards the professor, there a while danger looming large on the gang and the criminal mastermind as well. We will get the answer once Netflix renews the series for the fifth season. We sure are eagerly waiting to see what’s next.

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