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Mississippi Highway Patrol Lieutenant Found Dead While He Was Off Duty

A lieutenant on the Mississippi highway patrol was found shot dead this weekend, leading to the arrest of three people

The body of Lt. Troy Morris, 58, was found around 4:30 am Saturday in a US Postal Service truck he was working on part-time.

The suspects are identified as:

Three people were arrested and indicted in connection with the case: 24-year-old Treyon Washington, 17-year-old Kadrius Norman, and 25-year-old Damion Whittle.

Norman and Whittle were in New Orleans awaiting extradition to Mississippi; Washington has surrendered to authorities and is being held in prison without bail, the sources report, citing a press release from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

Nothing was robbed from the officer

According to the reports, Morris was driving a USPS vehicle when he had a flat tire. He contacted the Mississippi Highway Patrol and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to report the apartment and asked if an officer could come and see the truck while he waited for the USPS to send another truck.

There is no indication that anything was stolen from the USPS truck.

State Commissioner for Public Safety Sean Tindell told that investigators will seek to bring those responsible to justice.

Norris served on the Mississippi Highway Patrol for 27 years.

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