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Miley Cyrus: She Performed ‘The Climb’ During The Virtual Graduation

As well as Miley Cyrus may not have had a traditional high school experience, becoming a pop sensation before turning 18. But the Grammy nominee is propelling him into the class of 2024, which Oprah Winfrey has called the ‘epidemic class’, with COVID-19 canceling multiple starts.

She gave a beautiful virtual performance of her 2009 hit song The Climb Friday on Friday after speaking during the star-studded using hashtag graduation2020 on Facebook Watch and Instagram.

Miley performed ‘The Climb’ during Graduation!!

The 27-year-old girl made her presence felt with a stunning blue and gold podium with a sequined backdrop and matching balloon. She said hello to all graduates. She’s truly honored to celebrate each and every one of graduation days, high school and college seniors and all that they have accomplished.

Miley Cyrus to Perform for Virtual Class of 2024 Graduation Event


She revealed that as she thought about students, Class of 2024, and how they inspired her, she knew she wanted to share this song with their graduate’s fans. It seems full of the new meaning of her life is have faith, keep going, keep going up. here is the climb according to her statement. Cyrus then performed the lead single for the Hannah Montana soundtrack: The Movie.

In this epidemic, Cyrus connects with her fans mostly on Social media!!!

She remained active on social media during the epidemic, launching her Bright Minded live talk show. Cyrus likes Hilary Duff, Carry Washington, Elizabeth Warren and more visible than at home. She also recently praised the June digital cover of the Wall Street Journal, in which he photographed and designed from home.

Hannah Montana Starr revealed that they know they’re in a unique position, and their experience with this epidemic is not like that of everyone else in there country and around the world. Their life has stopped, but they don’t really know what the epidemic is. They’re comfortable at home and they can dine at their table and financially stable, and that’s not the story for many people.

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